A Week in Bewilderment 

As you have probably read in my “First Day of Pregnancy” story, my initial reaction was shock and slight panic. Once I shared my pregnancy news with my dear husband, Ryan, a whirlwind of a week was launched. He had a whole range of reactions that spanned roughly five days. 

Day one was really a half day that started with my first pregnant lunch. My usual dish at Abuelos is bacon wrapped shrimp. Ryan, knowing that the succulent jalapeño cheese filled shrimp was my lunch of choice, asked, “Are you supposed to have shrimp?”

“I don’t know. I think seafood is off the pregnancy menu.”

“Are you even supposed to have cheese?” he asked. 

“Umm, maybe not certain kinds. I don’t know. Google it!!” 

Being completely in the dark about what I could and could not eat, we loaded up on reading materials immediately following lunch. We wasted no time reading them either! The afternoon was spent studying up on my condition. Our eyes were opened to the world of gestation, and our learning had just begun. 

On day two, Ryan was making calls and sending emails by 6:30 am.  By 8:15, Ryan had a 20 item to-do list for his assistant.  “Call Mrs. Smith and see when we can reschedule that appointment. Don’t forget to check with compliance on that Joe Schmo deal. I want to know the status of that transaction.” I think Ryan had decided he was going to earn every cent we needed for this baby THAT DAY! He probably broke the record for most hand shakes, emails, and phone calls in a 10 hour span.  His poor assistant had no idea what was going on, but you can bet she noticed the increase of work!

Day three began with its usual spousal phone call and questions about how I was feeling. Ryan had chilled out a little on the business front and had started revolving his attentions around me and the alien being growing inside me.  As we grazed on garlic hummus and pita bread, he asked, “Did you know you can’t eat deli meat or fried eggs?  Did you know you can’t have caffeine?” 

I continued to nod until I felt like a bobble head. We discussed dos and donts at length and deliberated over our grocery list during our Mediterranean lunch date. I believe Ryan had gotten pretty far in his book at this point and was astounded at the limitations set on my ever-changing physique.  He also had a great concern for my well-being and eating habits, so he offered to go to the store that afternoon. 

When I got home that evening, not only had Ryan gone to the grocery store, but he had also made dinner!  He explained, “I made a kind of chicken enchiladas with whole grain tortillas, avocados, and a white sauce. It’s ready to go in the oven and the enchiladas have a lot of the foods you need in them. I also made brownies, just in case you got a sweet craving. Now, I’ve never made brownies, but I made some today! Are you supposed to frost brownies?”

“I’ve never frosted brownies,” I answered with a laugh. 

“Well I frosted half of them because I wasn’t sure.”

I had a big Julia Roberts smile on, and I hugged that sweet man’s neck. He sure knows how to make a pregger’s day. I explained that I was only a few weeks pregnant and didn’t have any cravings yet, but I sure didn’t mind having Ghiradelli caramel brownies on hand!

This was followed by Ryan detailing all of the items he got at the store. “I got some ginger ale, because it is supposed to calm the quesies. There’s wheat thins for a whole grain snack and yogurt and granola, if you want a sweeter healthy snack.  Orange juice is in the fridge for vitamin C and also milk for calcium.”  

Wow! He really went above and beyond. I let him know he didn’t have to do this every night. (Wouldn’t want him to use up all of his go-get-em before I even start feeling like I’m pregnant!) Ryan rebutted that he would do it any night as long as it helped his wifey. What a great day three!

I couldn’t tell you about days four through five, because Ryan disappeared into the woods for two days. He had stressed enough that week to fill a lifetime, and needed to go hunt something in order to cope. Whatever nature did helped, because he came back adjusted to the idea of becoming a dad. 

That first week was mostly chaos and confusion, but we are settling into the next stage of our lives. There are still a few “Did-you-knows” and “you-absolutely-cannot-do-thats” thrown around, but we are getting used to the idea of being parents and are completely excited!!


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