Peanut Butter

If your bump is high, it’s a girl. If your bump is low, it’s a boy. What if I’m an all over chunky monkey? Okay, no bump…next

Above 140 beats per minute? It’s a girl! What? Because girls work harder?  BPM has been above and below 140. Oh lord, does that mean hermaphrodite!?

Craving sweets? Girl. Craving salty or sour? Boy. Does peanut butter count as sweet? I’ve also craved chicken tenders and gravy. Sometimes both at the same time. Peanut butter gravy…next

One belief says girls steal their mother’s beauty, so breaking out or not looking your best can be signs of a little beauty. Well that’s mean of her! I certainly have been broken out. I’ll certainly be teaching her better manners when she gets out of there.  No daughter of mine will be a thief!…next

Ring on a string (see earlier post). So it’s a boy! 

If you’ve had little to no morning sickness, then it’s a boy. Again boy confirmation! (I was hesitant to throw this in. I know fellow moms to be will want to force feed me Chinese food and tie me up to a toilet in order to impose some semblance of what they’ve been through.)

If your husband is matching your weight gain, then you’re in for a girl. Okay… So my little girl is so sweet that just her existence and packs on pounds? Ryan has gained a little, so girl. 

Before the sonogram, all these predictors kept contradicting each other. However, I still tried to analyze symptoms and signs to determine the gender of our baby.  You could say that some of those predictors were right, but really they had a 50/50 shot. They only (almost) sure way to know is that sonogram.  

Yay for a baby girl!! I guess peanut butter does count as sweet. 

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