The Partner Confusion

This story is relayed from my husband, so forgive me if it isn’t as detailed as my regular stories. 

Baby girl now sleeps in her crib instead of in her bassinet. Her monitor picks up the showering sound from her rain noise machine. We have found that the droan of a rain shower also comforts us into a restful sleep. The rain ambience does not however drown out the sound of an upset little darlin. 

The morning before Christmas Eve, a good wail hollered out through the monitor. I usually spring to my feet and bustle into the nursery before she gets good and angry. However there was no movement from my side of the bed this particular morning. So Ryan rolled over and started pushing my back and gently saying my name. At that point, the form next to my husband started licking his face. 

Snoop had jumped up in the bed with Ryan. So while I was at the grocery store, my dear husband was confusing our dog for me. I probably need to shave my legs more often…


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