To My One-Year-Old

My Dear One-Year-Old,

It is hard to believe that we have had your sweet presence for an entire year.  You have doubled in size and then some, changed 100 fold in development, and infinitely multiplied my love for you.  When the doctor laid your slimy, seven-pound body on my heaving chest, my emotions overflowed and poured out my eyes as I stared lovingly at your scrunched face.  One year later after your birthday party, my abundance of love for you manifested in tears once again.

Yes my darling, I tear up with joy often thanks to you.  The first time you reciprocated a loving gaze, the first “mamamamamama,” the first time you grabbed up a puff and independently ate it off your palm, the first time you crawled over to me pulling up on my legs and reached out your arms, the first time I felt your precious hands grab onto the back of my arms in a loving hug, and the first time you cried and specifically looked around the room for me all filled me with so many warm feelings that my body burst forth springs of love.

It wasn’t just the firsts that got to me.  My heart smiles when I see you pet the dogs and cuddle with Rillo, or when you discover something new and get that sparkle of knowledge in your bright eyes, or seeing you reach for your grandparents to be picked up and loved on, or your excited squeal / dolphin sound when you speed up your crawl to go after something you desire.  I hope you keep your desire and zeal for life.  I will do my best to keep treasuring all these little moments to encourage you.

We have many years ahead of us, and I suspect some of them will be sprinkled with more challenges than were in this first year.  However, I promise you: my love for you will grow with each passing day, we will work through all difficulties together with your daddy, we will strive to find the magic in every occasion, majority of our tears with be from joy and too much laughter, I will assist in your mental and emotional growth as much as I can, I will set reasonable and understandable boundaries for you to comfort in, I will nourish your spiritual growth, and I will strive to set an example of the lady I hope for you to grow to be.

Thank you for a year of firsts, overwhelming love, and joy.

All my love,

XOXO Momma



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