Acquiring Snoop

It was a warm Saturday, and Ryan and I had just left the farmers market in Edmond, Oklahoma. With local honey, green tomatoes, and peaches in the back seat, we started our way home. Because our dog Rillo needed more food, we stopped at Petsmart along the way.  As we pulled into the parking lot, I see the sign I always fear: “Pet Adoptions Today!”  I decided to join my husband inside to try and steer him away from getting Rillo a furry pal. 

See, I didn’t think we needed another hairy baby. Rillo was all of the dog that a person could need! He is a fluffy white golden doodle, golden retriever and a standard poodle mix, with the best pup-sonality. Rillo is smart enough to learn all the tricks, but not smart enough to know the electric toy car won’t eat him.  He is a big dog with a mean growl, but has been taken down by a miniature pug.  Resting his head on your lap and looking up with big brown eyes is how he begs for love.  Ryan firmly believed this energetic love ball needed a friend to chase. Therefore, I accompanied my husband into the pet store to intervene if a puppy were to steal his heart. 

One step into the door, pins full of puppies and dogs lined the aisles. The black chihuahuas were piled up in a corner, one on top of the other. The terriers were barking like they were great danes.  A lonely, old chocolate lab was curled up and staring at the passing people with its piercing blue eyes.  I was able to push Ryan past all of the pins to the dog food we required.  

On the way back to the register, we walked along the far wall in order to avoid the furry temptations, but low and behold … more puppies awaited us along our path.  All alone in a pin stood a beagle with a sign that said, “great cuddler”.  Ryan snagged him up and plopped him into my unwilling arms. My husband knew, all too well, that if I held that adorable mutt it would be game over.  But oh did I resist! I kept saying no. At least, until I saw baby beagle cower away from snapping, snarling pit bull puppies.  That’s when I knew; we had to rescue him!

Ryan had seen the look on my face when I watched the puppy shy away, and he agreed that we needed to take the little guy home.  We snagged him a leash, finally got him out of the toy bin he had hopped into, grabbed the food we had initially meant to buy, and traveled home with our new dog, Snoop.  Thus, the dynamic duo of Rillo and Snoop was born.  

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