Halloween Wine Bottles

I have found more inspiration for saving wine bottles (which means drinking more wine;)!  I feel as if my Halloween decor is limited, so when I saw ideas for painting wine bottles on Pinterest, I jumped all over it.  So here is a walk through of Halloween Wine Bottles.

I first removed the labels on my wine bottles.  I decided I wanted a little dimension on two of my wine bottles, so I applied hot glue to do swirl designs on one and a jack-o-lantern face on another.

Once the glue had dried, I did a base coat of white on the ghost bottle and the candy corn bottle (this one had the swirl design) and a coat of orange on the jack-o-lantern bottle.


I then did an orange stripe around the middle of the candy corn bottle.  To finish these beauties, I did the yellow stripe on the bottom of the candy corn bottle, a green top on the jack-o-lantern, and used black to paint faces on the ghost and the jack-o-lantern.  TaDa!!


What other ideas do you like for bottle painting?


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