Dear Jelly Bean (Pregnant)

My dearest child,

I am 7 months pregnant, and this week I got to see your face.  I’m sure technology by the time you read this letter will advance well beyond the 3D picture I got to see of you on Tuesday, but it was an insanely magical moment for me and Dad.  I expected the usual round of fuzzy black and white images that the technician has to interpret for your Dad and me.  We were looking at your beautiful profile and, of course, inventing what you were saying as your mouth opened and closed.  (“Let me out of here!”  “Hey! Don’t poke me there.”)  Suddenly, the screen turned into a little picture show of the inside of my uterus and there you were.

 We froze and stared at your sweet face resting against your tiny fist.  You are beautiful!  You have pretty pouty lips that even got a comment from Aunt Kelsey.  Your dad already thinks you have my nose.  Maybe I have a plump little baby nose!  We can’t wait to gaze into your eyes for the first time and have you cuddled up next to us the way you were pictured on that screen.

That moment really made it real for me.  Yes, I have been carrying you around for 7 months, but so far that has just made me feel pregnant, very pregnant.   When I saw your face, I felt like a mom.  I was immediately overwhelmed with maternal feelings.  I know one of my purposes in life is to be a magnificent mom, and in that moment it began.  Thank you for helping me fulfill a lifelong dream little Jelly Bean.  I will do my absolute best to always be supportive, teach you the things every lady should know, fulfill your needs, encourage your dreams, and be your lifelong cheerleader.

I already love you so very much.

XOXO Momma


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