My bones are shifting, popping into a new position. The ligaments have loosened to allow the shift.  I’m taking on a new form.  Increase in hair, a newfound  rage, and a heightened sense of smell are all possible.  No, I’m not talking about a werewolf transformation; I’m talking about pregnancy!

After reading about how a woman’s bones shift and can even pop out of place during pregnancy, my husband likened my body’s transformation to that of a werewolf. He was mainly comparing the physical movement of bones, but, the more I thought about it, the more I found likenesses. 

Transformation, not like a beautiful butterfly, like a hairy, snarling, bone-popping, ravenous creature occurs. Your “claws” lengthen and strengthen.  A stranger mentions “your little belly” and you consider using your strong claws across their face. You can smell what your neighbor ate for dinner last night on his breath, and start to crave it (no not the neighbor, the dinner).  

My transformation can be compared in many ways to that of a werewolf, but if this is the necessary means to the wonderful end, I’ll take it. I’m happy to become pregwolf if it means I get to have Ellie Jean in the end. 

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