Yea, but I’m Pregnant 

I’ve had the desire to throw in, “Yea, but I’m pregnant” into several of my conversations.  I usually refrain, because majority of the time it would be slightly rude. The following are a few instances. 

In a conversation about rather to eat breakfast, I say, “I HAVE to eat breakfast, or I will feel sick.” My co-worker responds, “I get the same way.” …Yea, but I’m pregnant. 

When talking about how bloated I feel in my bridesmaid dress, the skinniest girl in the room says, “I know right!?” …Yea, but I’m pregnant. 

I announce that I am craving the unhealthiest dinner of chicken strips and gravy. My friend says, “I would kill for some chicken strips and gravy.” …Yea, but I’m pregnant. 

My friend notes that it has been weeks since she has had a drink, and she really could use a shot. …Yea, but I’m pregnant. 

The thing is, many of a pregnant woman’s comments and observations are centered around the fact that she’s pregnant. Before she actually has the beachball belly to prove she’s expecting, she will want to add, “Yea, but I’m pregnant.”  Just a simple little reminder woven into a conversation to hint that her comment might not be true if she were not pregnant.  The reminder seems necessary because the only person that always remembers you’re pregnant is you! If you are really lucky, your husband also always remembers. If not, conversation with hubby is one place I always feel free to add, “Yea, but I’m pregnant!”

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