Welcome to my little corner of the world!  This blog was first created to share my pregnancy journey with family and friends, but it has evolved into much more.   Stories range from my pregnancy journey, mommy-hood, and dog parenting to crafting, creating, and cooking.  Typically, blogs are more focused on one topic, but let’s face it, my life is not focused!

I hope my pregnancy stories will help build camaraderie with other mothers.  I hope my doggy stories will let other pup parents know it’s not just their pet that is crazy!  And maybe some thoughts will even inspire a little creativity.  Explore my site to further connect, learn, and laugh!


  1. Hi Molly: Glad to get on your blog!!! You write an excellent description of both Snoop and your pregnancy. We both really appreciate your doing so. Have you ever thought about book writing? You would be very good at it! Take care. Love—–T & P


  2. Absolutely loved reading this. Can’t wait to see more! So happy for you and Ryan. Can’t wait to meet the little Bundle!!!


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