Sonogram Day

Ryan has been pushing for me to get a new car since we met. He didn’t think my 2009 maroon Kia Spectra would keep his wife safe if something terrible were to happen. With a baby on the way, he was even more adamant about me getting a new car. After looking around for a while, he discovered a beautiful black Cadillac SRX. That used luxury crossover was made for me! So we purchased my mom-mobile and were completely satisfied with our decision, until the morning of our first sonogram. 

That morning, I rushed out to my new vehicle with my morning shake in one hand and the unlock doodad in the other. I was furiously pressing unlock, but my Caddy was not responding. This car has a new fangled keyless push to start, so there is no actual key. However, the buttons did not elicit the appropriate response, so I drug Ryan out of bed and into the truck, knowing that two hours later he would have to pick me up and drive us to my appointments. 

I arrived at work a little later than my usual 7:00, but I was determined that I would be able to get a little work done and get my assists started on their projects before darting off to see our little growing seed on a big screen at 9:00.  Shortly after arriving at the office, snow started pouring down like powdered sugar spilt from the bag.  I then received a call from my husband explaining that, after returning home, he couldn’t get the truck started.  This does not bode well for the day. What else is going to go wrong!?

He was finally able to get into my car and get it running, but the battery would have to be replaced.  Ryan calmed me down and let me know he was on the way to buy the new battery and get it installed.  I was in a bit of a panic about making it to our appointment since it was already 45 minutes prior, but I focused on instructing my assists and getting some work accomplished for another 30 minutes.  Then I called Ryan questioning where he was. The auto place was going to make him wait for two and a half hours, so he left and was on the way. Keep in mind that there is now at least an inch of snow on the ground, and we should have left my office ten minutes ago. 

We finally made it to the Lakeside offices (late) after crawling our way up the snow packed interstate. After checking in, I informed Ryan that I just might wet myself if they didn’t get us in a room soon. I had downed several water bottles that morning in an attempt to have a full bladder as instructed. A full bladder is supposed to aid in the sonogram images some how, and I was determined to have perfect images. With crossed legs, I attempted to think of anything but the lake right outside the waiting room window. “Molly!” The technician called. 

We went through the usual routine of laying on the bed, draping a sheet, and pressing the transducer on the outside of my abdomen. Usual process until, “DAMN!” Exclaimed by the sonogram tech. “WHAT!?” I asked with slight fear while leaning over to look at her computer screen. 

“Oh no, there’s no problem. It’s just that your bladder is unbelievably full. Like, so full that it is actually compressing your uterus.  I’m going to ask you to go relieve yourself before we go on.” After laughing a bit at her outburst regarding my bladder, I did as instructed. When I returned, she remarked, “I should have taken a picture of that to show the other nurses! I’ve never seen such a full bladder. I can tell you don’t do anything halfway!” No ma’am, I do not. 

After that, the appointments moved along normally. Ryan and I got to see the tiny flicker on the screen showing a healthy heart beat of 144 bpm.  We watched the technician take measurements and pictures of our little blob while holding hands in astonishment.  The next appointment was with a nurse practitioner who answered all of our questions. Some girls drew blood and took my urine sample, and we were finished up and on our way.  Quick and simple, unlike the rest of our snowy chaotic day. 

A little Baby Stullster!!

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