My parents are the epitome of self-sacrifice.  If there were ever two individuals who exhibit this Christ-like quality, it is Gaga and Grumpy, my momma and papa.  This was most evident at my amazing daughter’s second birthday party.  If you want to talk about sacrifice, we can talk about October 7, 2017.

Ellies 2nd Birthday Party by Crystal Murdock Photography-56.jpg

Grumpy has Diabetes, so he really needs to eat on time and certain foods.  This did not happen at Jellie Bean’s birthday celebration.  He did not eat the animal sandwiches, the lion dip, the panda cupcakes, the owl fruit dip, the snakes-on-twigs, or the save-the-party-hanger hamburgers my magnificent husband grilled up.  What he did have was a faint-spell that would knock any diabetic to their seat.  But instead of a seat, Grumpy took a chair, some guacamole, and a memorable quote saying, “That’s just what Gagas and Grumpies do.”

NOT TRUE!!  See Gaga (tried to call her granny gaga, but she LOATHES granny… says it’s too old-lady for a Gaga of her caliber)!  Gaga does not have diabetes, but an inner drive and determination to be the best most wonderful Gaga this world has ever seen.  She is a trendsetter, our lovely Gaga.  Anyone who helps decorate, bakes a cake, and takes professional level photographs is a champion of the truest kind!  If there was a wonder woman award for the best mom/wife/exemplification of perfection, she is it.  Somebody print these people a grandparent award!

They are not the only ones who deserve an award, a drink, or at least a Jelly Bean cuddle;  Pops and Kaykay could also be in the running for the Grandparent of the century award.  Kaykay sacrificed her presence and invitation to the party in order to avoid spreading her plague to the children and adults.  She was beyond sick but was brought to tears when she had to call and explain why she would not be attending.  Pops delivered the woeful news and brought folding chairs, ice, and drinks.  He was errand-boy for the day and really took on the role with a cape and flying colors.

I have to say thanks to these magnificent self-sacrificial angels that adorn our lives.  They are the embodiment of family, Christ, and love.  The fruits of the spirit reign these people’s lives with a tight hold on the whip.  Without these shining examples of love and determination in the lives of me and my husband, we would not be where we are today (screw Disney world, this is the happiest place on earth.)


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