How to Create Jelly Bean Invitations

I wanted to hand make the Jelly Bean invitations for my daughter’s first birthday.  Jelly Beans are a fairly simple shape to free hand, so I first drew a post card sized Jelly Bean on a scrap piece of cardboard.


Next, I cut out the shape and used it as a template for my invitations.


Using brightly colored cardstock that I had for scrapbook purposes, I traced the Jelly Beans and cut them out.


I then used a silver paint pen to letter Jelly Bean and a micron pen to write the invitation, address, and time.  I used the same pens for lettering on the envelopes for mailed invitations.


I have always liked receiving letters or invitations in the mail where the envelope was just as beautiful as the card inside, so I used various colored Sharpies to draw little Jelly Bean clusters in the envelope corners.  I found the best way to make the tiny Jelly Bean shape was to draw a smile, put circles on the ends on top of the curves, and fill in the space between the circles.

Voila!  Fun hand-made Jelly Bean invitations!  Now, the decorations…


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