No, We Won’t Need To-Go Boxes

My appetite has taken on a new voracity. I’ve been constantly hungry for a while, but at a recent lunch date with my husband, I realized it wasn’t just hunger. The very fashion of my eating has apparently changed. Now, I didn’t realize this for myself.  I was MADE aware of it by no other than my Chilli’s waitress. 

I ordered my usual honey chipotle chicken crispers with fries and corn on the cob.  We sat in the bar area, so our waitress was the bartender as well.  After she delivered our food, she went about her bar duties, which weren’t many on a Wednesday at 11:00am. We were enjoying our lunch for a good ten minutes or so, when the waitress returned to our table with an unprompted stack of napkins. She left without a word, just a look like “gunna need those aren’t ya.”  

Admittedly, it was the first time I had looked up from my plate.  I looked across at Ryan, who was laughing.  A little embarrassed, I asked, “was I eating like an animal or something?”  He responded, “Well, you did go through that corn on the cob like those old cartoons where the character gnaws across the cob and back like a typewriter.”  

As I thought about it, I had eaten the corn much like a cartoon character. All I was missing was the ding.  I also had made my way through my fries, and was about to dig into the crispers dripping with sauce.  I suppose the honey chipotle sauce is what prompted the waitress to bring me a stack of napkins.  I laughed it off, but I really wanted to let that waitress know that I’m pregnant and can hardly help my new found appetite. My loving husband dubbed my new eating style “ravenous mode.”  I’m not saying I was on par with competitive eaters. However, if I was featured in ghost busters, the stay puffed marshmallow man would have NEVER been a problem. 

After I finished off the last bite, the waitress came back and actually asked if we needed to go boxes.  I’m sure the look on my face sarcastically read, “Yes, please bring me a to-go container for the tablespoon of ranch I have left.”  But instead, I politely said, “No, we will not need to go boxes.”

Instead of politely laughing it off, I would like to shout…

I’ll try to work on my eating habits, but sometimes I just want to be like pacman!

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