I have yet to sneeze, cough, or laugh hard and pee myself.  With that said, I learned at my appointment a few days ago that I am still NOT in control.

At every appointment, the doctor requests (demands) a urine sample.  In the beginning, I didn’t think much of it.  At 34 weeks, I dread it.  Not only is there a basketball (okay, beach ball) sized obstacle in the way completely eliminating visual assistance, but I have developed thunder thighs.  So asking for a urine sample is like asking me to stand on top of a yoga ball and pour Kool-Aid onto a tablespoon while blind folded.


While doing my balancing act to contribute a sample, the lid of the toilet slipped off the bowl (due to my leaning).  This jolt caused me to urinate all over my own hand.  We are talking COMPLETELY covered.  Luckily, I was able to regain balance quick enough to get the sample and not get pee all over my clothing as well.

The whole reason I shared this ridiculous story with you is to remind all my pregnant friends not to get too cocky, or God will push you off the toilet.  I was bragging to myself about not have a problem with incontinence yet and quickly learned peeing a little in your pants is FAR from the only urinary issue that comes up in pregnancy.


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