Bible Journaling

My mom bought me a bible journal, Prisma colors, blender pencils, micron pens, erasers and sharpeners for my 27th birthday.  I had seen the amazing work she had done in her bible journal and begged for my own.

When I first saw bible journaling on Pinterest, I thought there was no way that I could write on my bible.  I could barely highlight favorite verses in my bible, much less doodle in it!  But the more ideas I saw and the more I thought about a bible journal, the more I wanted one.  It is a great way to be creative in Christ and maybe even memorize a few more verses.  I’ve always thought of the bible as supremely holy and didn’t want to mark in it, but if coloring in my bible gets me closer to God, I have to believe God is okay with that!

Some of the items you need to get started are following:

  1. Bible journal, a blank journal, or if you don’t mind drawing over The Word, a regular bible.
  2. Colored pencils.  Mine are Prisma Colors, which are pricier than your good ole map colors used in grade school.  They are softer and more vibrant than any other colored pencils I have ever used, which makes blending easier.  I suggest using the cheapies until you decide if you like bible journaling.
  3. Micron Pens.
  4. Regular pencil.
  5. Eraser.
  6. Drawing surface: mine is a lap desk.

Below are the steps that I usually take when being creative in Christ:

1.) Find inspiration.  I usually search around on Pinterest or google pictures of things I want to draw into my journal.

2.)  Use a regular pencil to draw or write your verses of choice.  I suggest placing a page over the side of a lap desk.  For me, this makes it much easier to draw.  If I am not going to outline my drawings, then I draw using the colored pencils, which are erasable.  I like to use my lap desk to help me get a flat surface to draw on.

  • If you are not good at drawing, there are pages you can get to trace into your bible journal.  I have seen these free as well as for purchase.

3.) Once you have your picture and text drawn, you can outline in micron pens.  Once you have outlined your journaling, you can erase the pencil.

4.) Once you have your picture drawn and outlined, you can fill in with colored pencils as you see fit.

I love bible journaling!  I hope this page inspires you to get your own and share your creations.  See below posts for further inspiration:

Genesis 1-5

Genesis 6-12

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