Parenting Style

There is a myriad of parenting styles, and there seems to be a new theory or method every month.  This may be because I am a new parent and actually paying attention to these types of things, or it may be because no one actually knows the perfect parenting formula.  There are many examples of flip-flop on what to do when raising children.  Parents were told to place their babies on their tummies to sleep; a few years later, parents are chastised if baby isn’t on its back for all naps and nights.  Spanking used to be an acceptable punishment; now, CPS is called if this discipline is performed in eyesight of an over-cautious onlooker.

So what does it all mean?  It means each parent should do their own research and treat the various theories and methods like a buffet: pick and choose what you think looks and sounds best.  The best answer for one child won’t be the same solution for another.  Our children are as different as the methods offered to raise them, so why just choose one parenting style?

I have only started my research, but I wanted to accumulate what I liked in one place.  Perhaps you will like some of the same parenting pieces!  Please share any fantastic parenting books or sites that you have discovered.

The oldest advice is still one of the best sources: The Bible.

Happiest Baby on the Block can help in the early days of infancy to stop the crying!

You can get some standard growth guidelines from the What to Expect books as well as some advice.

A lot of good advice on discipline can be found in Parenting with Love and Logic.

The only style of learning/teaching that I have been looking into is Montessori.