Tub Poops

I know plenty other mommies have faced the same bath demons as I have. You are smiling at your happy baby who is discovering how to splash and attempting to eat bubbles, you turn to grab the wash cloth, and when you turn back, there they are. Tiny little poops floating around your deviously smiling baby.  

Most of the time Ellie is already clean and just enjoying some free time in the bath when she decides it’s a good time for a poo. I usually just snatch her up quickly (before she can try to play with the new floating toys) and slap a diaper on her, but sometimes I feel as if she needs another bath after I have dealt with the floaters. 

I have cleaned up the unwanted “bath toys” in a variety of ways, and I am still not satisfied that I have the best method. I have allowed the water to drain, picked up the poo with toilet paper, and flushed it.  This allows time to deal with baby, but it also allows time for the little brown demons to dance around in the tub and wreak havoc for longer.  I have grabbed the turds with paper towel straight out of the water, which eliminates the threat quicker, but now what do you do with a wad of soggy poo-paper? In my most recent endeavor to excise the brown devil, I grabbed it right out with my hand and plopped it into a diaper I had laying by the tub… yeah, I know sh*tty situation. No matter which weapon of choice I use, I always, always, always end with bleach. 

So fellow warriors, please help me out! How do you best defeat the tiny terrifying turd monsters!?


  1. We have only had this happen once, thank goodness. My husband scooped them quickly up with the “hair rinsing cup” while I whisked her quickly out. He cloroxed the crap out of the tub, toys and well, we have a new cup. I felt there was no other way. They float so quickly and touch everything!

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