All Things Month 5

Information is for month five of baby’s life.  I am in no way a doctor, medical professional, or even experienced in child care.  This is just information that I have gathered from books, websites, my pediatrician, and hearsay.  The time schedules and suggestion of eat/wake/sleep cycles are from Babywise.  The progression of development is from What to Expect the First Year.  Feeding amounts are the recommendations from my doctor.  Everything else is from various websites and friends.


  • 32 ounces in 24 hours
  • The first and last feeding of the day are the two strategic feedings.
    • It doesn’t matter what schedule your baby is on, all other feed-wake-sleep cycles will fall within those two “fixed” feeding times.
    • Need to remain consistent
  • Between 16 and 24 weeks, the 6 feeding cycles will merge into 5
    • Early morning and late morning feedings merge
    • Only one feed-wake-sleep cycle between breakfast and lunch
    • May be the time that solid foods are introduced
    • Early evening cycle’s wake time extends into the evening.  A catnap may be necessary (30-40 minute doze)
    • Breast feeding moms may want to do a 10:30-11:00 “dream feed” to keep up milk production
      • Pumping is also an option
    • Below is an example schedule


By the end of month five, baby may be able to:

Activities you can do with baby:

  • Even before solid foods are introduced, you can practice spoon feeding baby with milk or formula using variations of the spoon landing
    • Airplane
    • Train
    • Rocket landing on the moon
    • Whale swimming in the ocean
    • Racing car
    • Speed boat
  • Make different faces at baby slowly and see the response each elicits
  • With baby watching, place a toy inside a small box. Then place that box inside another box inside another box.  Then ask baby, “Is your toy in here?” as you open each box.  Finally, “Here’s your toy!” Letting baby reach in for it.

  • Prop baby up in the corner of the play pen so she can sit with back support.  Throw in a few toys just out of reach to the sides of baby to encourage reaching and twisting.
  • Rock’n’Row
  • Record baby and let her listen to it.
  • Get out a flashlight in a dark room.  Move the flashlight around the room, pausing on various items, and telling baby a story about each.
  • Put some cheap colorful hair gel and a few buttons inside a gallon-sized freezer ziplock bag.  Seal the bag well and tape to the ground.  Place baby tummy down on a boppy in front of the bag.  This will provide a new sensation for baby.
  • Horse ride
  • Do a shadow puppet show
  • Put a couple blobs of finger paints on a piece of paper. Put the paper inside a ziplock bag and tape it down to the floor. Place baby on tummy in front of the ziplock filled with paint and allow her to smooth around the paint. This will entertain baby and keep her on her tummy.

  • Allow baby to make a mess at mealtime.  The feel of food is a new experience for infants.
  • Place baby on a boppy pillow belly down.  Put a few golf balls in a muffin tin for baby to practice grabbing.  The muffin tin will prevent dropped balls from rolling all over the place.
  • Help baby do some tummy time on top of a beach or yoga ball.
  • With CLOSE SUPERVISION, drape some pieces of ribbon over an activity gym.  Allow baby to grasp and pull down various pieces of ribbon.  Be sure to watch baby carefully to avoid any strangulation or choking hazard.
  • Hang teether toys from an activity gym.  Lay baby on her side and allow her to grab the teether toys and bring them to her mouth.
  • Place baby with a boppy around her hips while in a seated position to help your wobbly sitter with some support.


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