Whoa! 10 Months!?

I never thought I could feel such duality about a time frame. It hardly seems as if 10 months could have possibly passed since Jelly Bean first graced us with her presence; conversely, I feel as if I have been this child’s mom for a lifetime.  

How is it that this 18 pounder is already pulling up on EVERYTHING and contemplating walking? I swear just yesterday we were celebrating when she picked her face up off the ground during tummy time. Now, Jelly Bean moves with purpose and determination. Anytime hands and knees touch the ground, she bolts to the closest attention grabber and pulls on up to standing.  She loves to reach for the PlayStation and any dangling cords (which gets her into trouble), but her favorite standing spot is at the back door. 

Jelly Bean also loves to follow the leader. I go to do laundry; Ellie finds me in the laundry room and stands in front of the open dryer on tippy toes pushing the button that turns the light on and off.  I stand at the sink to do dishes; Ellie crawls up on the lid of the dishwasher and grabs a colander to use as a face mask.  I go to Ellie’s room to hang up clothes or put away diapers; Ellie crawls right behind and begins pulling blankets off the shelves in her closet. 

It is amazing to see her develop and explore, but the best development yet is the laugh. If everyone in the room is laughing, Ellie plays her part and laughs too. She thinks daddy attacking after “I’m gunna get you!” is hilarious. My chomping on her fingers or toes always gets a good laugh, but the hardest she has ever chuckled was at the dog when he shook his bath water off all over her.  She dies laughing over and over. Girl loves her dogs. 

I think of all these things and how quickly things have changed for our little family. At the same time, I can hardly remember a life before there was a daily threat of getting vomit or poo on me, before one smile could melt away the worst workday, before 6 a.m. was sleeping in, before morning “chats” on the way to daycare, before being a momma. 

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