Baby Face

Our second appointment day was far less eventful than the first, but I learned just as much!  For example, the doctor checks for the baby’s heartbeat at every appointment. Maybe this should have been a no-brainer, but when it’s your first round with creating life, most things don’t come naturally. 

So the doctor started pressing around on my abdomen, trying to find the little strawberry’s heartbeat.  We had already been told that once we hear the heartbeat this go round that the chances of something going wrong drop to less than 3%.  I think Ryan and I were both holding our breath while she searched. She pressed and moved for what seemed like an eternity before announcing that she would have to bring in “the tank”. Which is apparently what that office calls their ancient ultrasound machine. 

In retrospect, I am quite thankful little Stullster was hiding behind my pelvic bone, because we got to see baby moving around in its cocoon. Fetus is quite a lively little sprout!  Arms were waving around like it was performing a Latin dance. Then, in a flash, we saw baby’s face. Wow! There really is life in there! It no longer looks like a gummy bear, but a real little developing human.  This might have been the first time I really felt pregnant. 

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