A Day Amongst Pumpkins

There’s nothing better than a pumpkin patch in the fall.  I’m not sure why, but I have a mild obsession with pumpkins.  Maybe it is because I am a fall baby or that Cinderella drove off into happily ever after in a pumpkin; either way, I LOVE THEM!  My husband actively avoids driving past pumpkin patches to avoid the “OOOHHHH PUMPKINS! Can we stop?” every time we pass one (even if we already have 50 pumpkins at home).

This year, a whole new level of awesome was added to our pumpkin patch experiences: a beautiful pumpkin-loving daughter!  I hope to pass on my love of all things fall to Jelly Bean.  We got her started on the right path when we visited a pumpkin patch with some friends and Ellie’s baby buddy.

The pumpkin patch was also a great sensory experience.  Jelly Bean got to feel the crunchy hay underneath her bum as I forced a photo shoot on her.  She also felt the bumpy pumpkins as she stood up to bop around the bigger of the patch.  Jelly Bean heard the tractor pulling the hay rides while we were in the patch and smelled the caramel apples on the air.

Sweet Ellie Jean also got to feed some crazy goats.  She thought it was pretty funny when they nibbled her fingers to get the food.  Of course, she yelled out, “dah, dah,” at the goats.  She is convinced all animals are dogs.  However, they smell a lot worse than our fur babies.

It was a great experience for the kiddos.  Daddy and I really enjoyed it as well.  We loved seeing Ellie fearlessly reach for the goats (there was a 7-year-old there who couldn’t say the same thing!).  We like her to get time with her baby buddy out and about too.  I strongly suggest an outing with the family to the pumpkin patch!


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