Throw a Jelly Bean Birthday Party

If you have read some of my other posts, you know we often call Ellie Jean “Jelly Bean.”  Therefore, we decided to throw her a Jelly Bean Birthday party for her first Birthday.  First, we had to invite family and friends.  So, we sent out these invitations.

Next, I planned the decorations.  All I knew was that I wanted a bunch of bright colors along with some clear containers with Jelly Beans in them.  I was lucky enough to borrow decorations from Lillian Hope Designs, an amazing party designer!  I also made some customized pendants for my little Jelly Bean.

I borrowed the decorations, excluding the pendants, and I filled my containers with Jelly Beans!

We went with green apple, pineapple crush, cotton candy, berry blue, cinnamon, and orange crush Jelly Beans.  We also had a jar of mixed Jelly Beans to use as a guesstimate jar; whoever guessed the closest to the number of Jelly Beans won the jar.


I also wanted to send the kiddos home with a little party favor, so we made edible Jello play-dough

For the Birthday cake, we did four layers of different colors using funfetti cake mix and food coloring. It was a lot of fun to see the beautiful colors when we cut into the cake.  We also made Ellie a mini, Jelly Bean shaped smash cake.

Outside, we set up a little display with an amazing 1 canvas that Gaga created.


With the help of Kaykay, Auntie Kelsey, and Gaga, we got the party prepared just in time for guests at party time!  Thank goodness Daddy, Pops, and Grumpy were feeding us food so we could focus on the party.  I was so happy with how many family members, friends, daycare buddies, and coworker families showed up for the party.

Seeing Jelly Bean open her presents was also amazing.  She caught onto tissue pulling pretty quickly, but I don’t think she ever caught onto ripping wrapping paper.  She will get lots more practice!  I loved how excited she got with every gift she discovered.  She would do an excited face and then attempt to pull the toy right out of the box.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Probably the most enjoyable moment was watching Ellie play with her baby buddies.

The Jelly Bean First Birthday party exceeded and leaped over my expectations.  This was truly one of the most joyous days of my life.  I will leave you with this little sweetie…


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