The Hangover

Earlier in my pregnancy, I asked my mom how morning sickness felt. She simply responded, “Nausea”. I waited on the other end of the line for further description, but none came.  “One word, Mom? Nausea?” Well, she left out the throbbing headache, drowsiness, and overwhelming desire to eat anything that doesn’t resemble health food.  No, “nausea” just doesn’t do it justice. 

For those of you who have never experienced the morning sickness that comes along with pregnancy, it feels almost exactly like a hangover. The difference? You didn’t get to party the night before. In fact, you likely fell asleep on the couch at 8:30 during the weekly viewing of Walking Dead with your husband.  Also, instead of the taste of vodka and lemon-drop shooters wreaking havoc, your taste buds remind you of the ginger ale and wheat thins you ate at 2:00 am when you woke up for a potty break, which is no picnic either. 

Hungover is exactly how I would describe morning sickness. If you have never been hungover, good for you, you saintly (or extremely lucky) upstanding straight arrow! For those more pious folks, imagine being so hungry that your stomach begins to fold in on itself like painful origami, and your head pulsates like a speaker playing loud bassy rap music. You also have cravings for all things deep-fried. If it has fiber, is rich in nutrients, or has a green hue, you can feed it to the rabbit, because I’m not eating it!  Then, amidst this terrible debilitating event, you somehow need to feed the dogs and get ready for work because you can’t call-in sick every morning. Combine all of that, and you’ve experienced morning sickness…or a hangover. 

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