Ring on a String

There are several wives’ tales regarding baby gender prediction.  These can be performed prior to the sonogram that positively identifies the sex.  There are tons out there, but I’ve only tried one. The ring on a string test.  

This will not only predict the gender of the baby in your belly, but how many children you will have and the gender of each.  You suspend your wedding ring (or a needle or pencil) on a piece of thread an inch above your wrist.  If the makeshift pendulum swings up and down from hand to arm, then that represents a boy. If it swings side to side across your wrist, that represents a girl.  In-between each child, the pendulum will circle.  Once the prediction is done, so is the pendulum’s movement. 
My aunt and uncle told me about this test over dinner, and we immediately went home and tried the test. They were predicting that I was carrying a girl. At the time that we did my test, we weren’t sure which direction was which gender. In order to determine the boy/girl direction, we tested my aunt  Teresa right after we tested me. Her pendulum swang up and down, circle, up and down, circle, up and down, circle, up and down. (She has four boys!)

This totally weirded me out!! She has already had all of her children, so for her the test was completely accurate.  It also made Ryan exclaim, “That is some voodoo or something!” My test showed up and down, circle, across, and then the pendulum became perfectly still. Which represents a boy and then a girl.  We even did the test again later that night, and it showed the same result. I guess we will see!!


  1. Just tried it… I got side to side, circle, up and down, circle, side to side… now the question is, is the first one from my ectopic? Hmmm. We don’t plant to find out gender until baby is born so this is going to be a very long 7 months! Lol

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    • I had someone else hold the string for stability purposes, but I think anyone can hold it. After doing the test, I (attempted) to research it. Some sites did say that the prediction includes ALL pregnancies. But no site could explain any science or dependability of the test. Still pretty exciting though!

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  2. That’s pretty interesting, might give it a go tomorrow! Well it already is tomorrow, I’m currently doing the night feed, so I shall have a go later! I have 2 boys already. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. Look forward to reading more 😊 X


  3. Ohhhh, I still remember the look on your face, because you knew you held that string so still, how on Earth could it be moving?? and how “excited” Ryan got…..because it freaked him right out!! Was such a fun experience and am so happy we got to do that with you guys. Come on Baby Boy Stull!! Cannot wait!! Okay, just kidding….we will wait til he is nice and ready….. Love you guys! 💙💙😉😃


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