Pregnancy Progression

I have attempted to track the weeks that big things occurred in my pregnancy timeline.  I have found tons of baby growth timelines, but I wanted a timeline for me!  This somewhat shows some of the bigger pregnancy events and when they occurred for me specifically.  Every woman and even every pregnancy is different, but this will give me a round-about idea for next time.


Early in the pregnancy, I wondered when I would actually look pregnant.  (A girl gets tired of the inquisitive looks from strangers.  You know, the one where they are trying to figure out if your XL tee shirt is hiding a pregnant belly or an over-indulgent-food-baby belly.)  Around week sixteen, if I wore something tight or with an empire waistline, then I would look pretty round.  Week 20 is when I felt that others could likely tell I was pregnant and not slacking on my exercise routine.

I was a big advocate of using pre-pregnancy clothing, until I actually tried on maternity clothes.  I was so committed to it that I may or may not have ripped the seams on a couple shirts.  Like trying to carry a watermelon in a plastic bag, it just doesn’t work.  I finally couldn’t stand my uterus feeling like a balloon animal being squeezed and worked and twisted at about week 24.  (This also coincides with the moment my husband giggled at my overflowing sundress and said I looked like I could be on an episode of Cops.)  After that, it was either sweat pants or maternity garb. 

 More recently, the pregnancy has become uncomfortable.  Jelly Bean sometimes positions herself between my rib cage as if she is trying to shimmy up a narrow gap between two buildings.  This makes sitting quite uncomfortable.  I think she also believes that she can escape out of my right side, like it might crumble under the mighty blow of a swift kick or hard punch.

Aside from my daughter running out of growing room, I believe my hips are being crushed by an invisible anvil at night.  A full body pillow certainly helps the hip pain, but I still look like Frankenstein’s monster trying to walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  My stumbling out of bed is especially stiff since my feet have taken on the feel and appearance of mini bosu balls.  I feel like one wrong step could pop those swollen puppies I am balancing on.  This is all after I have managed to roll my unbalanced self out of the lying position. 

 I’m sure there are more milestones that should be included on the timeline and even more milestones in the weeks to come.  I’m trying really hard not to wish my way through them and enjoy right now!  It’s just so hard when there is so much to look forward to!!

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