The List-Maker is Pregnant

I am a crazy list maker, and I know it.  My husband jokes that I have a list of my lists.  Sad thing is…it’s not a joke.  (I call it my master list of all lists!  How else am I supposed to know all of the lists that I have?!)  So the day after finding out I am pregnant, I made a list (or two) to keep track of my nutrition.  Below is a checklist I use daily (via the numbers ap on my phone) to track the servings of each nutritional need I get throughout the day by placing a checkmark.

The nutritional needs were based on the suggestions in “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.”  I am by no means a doctor or nutritionist, just a momma who likes to track things! There may be other nutritional needs or special circumstances. To be safe, ask your doctor.

Looking at the nutritional needs seemed daunting. How am I supposed to get that many servings in a day!? What I didn’t realize is the fact that one food item may meet the required serving for several categories.  Which is good, since you are only supposed to add about 300 calories to your prepregnancy caloric intake. So, of course, I made a chart of some foods and what categories they cover, as shown below.

The total column shows how many categories any one food hits. I found out that edamame is the rockstar of foods! That one little bean hits 7 categories! I also found out that a lot of the foods I was eating previously were nutritional B-listers. For my list, I tried to stick to foods that were really high in one of the nutritional categories.

I’m sure there are many other food items to add. I’m open to any suggestions!! Just leave me a comment!


  1. OMG – These lists are great! I am a list maker too. I will be using your charts! Keep up the good work. You have one lucky little babe on the way getting all the nutrition he/she needs.


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