Whole New World- 4 Months

Ellie does something new every week.  When I consider some of the things I get excited about, it cracks me up.  I imagine my 27 year-old self doing the same action and expecting my parents to be impressed; it is quite hilarious.  When I turn the page of a book or hold my own bottle (different kind of bottle), no one bats an eye, but when Ellie does these things or turns over from her back to her belly, I get all high-pitched silly voiced, “Did you see that!?”

It just demonstrates the true wonder and thrill of doing anything for the first time.  Ellie sat all by herself for a record 20 seconds, and I followed it up with claps and cheers to which she grinned and shined with pride.  Daddy showed excitement when she began reaching for toys or his beard, so she now reaches for the dogs as they walk by, the window blind pull, clothing, burp clothes, and rags during bath time.  Ellie turns over on purpose now.  She used to be like those big headed dolls that do flips just because they are top heavy.  Now, she looks over at a toy and rolls in its direction.

Everything is new and wonderful to her big beautiful eyes.  Uncle Kaleb asked, “Why does she like that toy so much?”  He was earnestly wondering why such a simple stuffed butterfly with crinkly wings held her attention.  Imagine if you had never heard a crinkle before or seen yellow with blue polka dots!  Think about barely having control of your hands and being able to make something crinkle.  New is fun.

Aunt Kelsey and uncle Kaleb 

Ellie’s squealing giggle is new, and trying to produce that sound is the most fun I have ever had.  What makes her laugh changes daily, so every day I am trying new things to get my daughter to laugh (love that…my daughter).  I have always been a goof, but it doesn’t compare to things I have done in the last month.  One sure fire way to elicit giggles is to “get” her.  If the hands are seen coming in from far away, she anticipates the tickle and loses her composure. Best. Sound. Ever.


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