All Things Month 7

Information is for month seven of baby’s life.  I am in no way a doctor, medical professional, or even experienced in child care.  This is just information that I have gathered from books, websites, my pediatrician, and hearsay.  The time schedules and suggestion of eat/wake/sleep cycles are from Babywise.  The progression of development is from What to Expect the First Year.  Feeding amounts are the recommendations from my doctor.  Everything else is from various websites and friends.


  • By now, baby has tried and is getting used to pureed vegetables and fruits.  Can start letting baby have mushy table food such as mashed avocado or banana and infant cereal.  Pureed meats can start to be introduced.
  • Baby should also start self-feeding.  Little thumb and pointer can pick up puffs or yogurt bites (specifically made to melt in mouth for infants).
  • The first and last feeding of the day are the two strategic feedings.
    • It doesn’t matter what schedule your baby is on, all other feed-wake-sleep cycles will fall within those two “fixed” feeding times.
    • Need to remain consistent
  • Between 24 and 39 weeks, the 5 feeding cycles will merge into 4
    • Evening nap is eliminated
    • Afternoon nap may be shortened to a catnap if needed
      • Will be eventually eliminated, and cycles can range between 3.5 to 4.5 hours each day
    • Below is an example schedule


  • Between 28 and 40 weeks, the 4 feeding cycles will merge into 3
    • The afternoon nap (third nap) is dropped
    • Includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a liquid feeding at bedtime
    • Below is an example schedule


By the end of month seven, baby may be able to:

Activities you can do with baby:

  • Read!
  • Storyboards
  • Use a washrag to gently play tug-of-war with baby.
  • Fill a basket with items baby can safely explore: sponge, coasters, phone case, apple, soft scarf… you know, all the things that baby tries to play with when you are using them!
  • Roller Derby
  • Get baby in a short-sleeved onesie.  Place baby tummy down on a slick surface.  This will allow baby to scoot along on belly and encourage crawling.
  • Set baby’s favorite toy just out of reach during tummy time.  This will encourage baby to move toward the toy.
  • Hide ‘n’ eat
  • Place a few rubber-bands around the spine of a board book, separating some pages.  Places book in front of baby during tummy time.  This will encourage baby to turn the pages as well as reach out for an object.

  • Cut the top off of a milk jug and cut a hole in the side.  Place a few small (not too small) toys inside and let baby play and discover.  Baby will reach in to feel and pull out toys, then stuff them back in.
  • Floating blocks
  • Sit on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you.  Place baby tummy down across your thighs.  You can place a toy in front of baby that she will have to stretch to reach.  this will help bear some of baby’s weight so she can get some times on her knees and hands for future crawling.
  • Choo choo training
  • Place baby in an empty inflated baby pool or in a high chair.  Place some cooked spaghetti noodles in front of baby for her to play and explore this new feeling.

  • Sitting opposite baby, roll a ball to her and encouarge baby to roll it back.  Try different sized balls.
  • Shower Power
  • Place cheap colorful hair gel and marbles or bouncy balls in a freezer ziplock bag.  Seal well.  With close supervision, allow baby to play with the baggy in the seated position.  Can also place baby tummy down on a boppy with the baggy taped to the floor in front of her.
  • Hide ‘n’ peek
  • Place baby in the bath tub and allow her to finger paint on the side of the tub.  That way you can spray it and her down easily when finished.
  • Pretend talk on a toy telephone, and then hand the phone over to baby.  Encourage baby if he babbles in imitation.
  • Clap clap your hands
  • Month 6 Activities
  • Month 5 Activities
  • Month 4 Activities


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