All Things Month 2

Information is for month two of baby’s life.  I am in no way a doctor, medical professional, or even experienced in child care.  This is just information that I have gathered from books, websites, my pediatrician, and hearsay.  The time schedules and suggestion of eat/wake/sleep cycles are from Babywise.  The progression of development is from What to Expect the First Year.  Feeding amounts are the recommendations from my doctor.  Everything else is from various websites and friends.


  • 24 – 28 ounces in 24 hours
  • Baby’s sleep stretches one hour for every week of age
    • For example, at 5 weeks old, a baby can sleep 5 hours.  At 6 weeks old, a baby can sleep 6 hours. Etc.
  • Between 7 and 10 weeks, the 8 feeding cycles will merge into 7
    • Middle-of-the-night feed is dropped
    • Baby begins sleeping 8 hours a night
    • Decide the time for the first morning feeding
    • Below is an example schedule



By the end of month two, baby may be able to:


Activities you can do with baby:

  • “Whole World” song
  • Baby is learning to roll over.  So on a safe surface, roll baby in one direction continuously and back.
  • Lay baby tummy down on boppy.  Place a board book on floor in front of baby for her to study.

  • Lay baby on side and prop her in this position with a rolled towel.  You can place a mirror or a fun toy in front of baby for visual play.

  • Place toys on the sides of an activity gym to encourage head turning.

  • Wash baby’s hands.  This is the equivalent of messy play for baby’s senses.
  • Switch to an adult wash cloth every once in a while.  This will stimulate baby’s touch receptors.
  • 1-2 Week Activities
  • 1 month activities


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