Who took the cookie?

One fine evening, I was baking chocolate chip cookies. I was feeling a bit lazy that day, so I used the Pillsbury pre-made dough balls instead of Martha-Stewarting it. My baking sheet would only allow six cookies, so I stuck six in the oven and left the other six waiting on the cabinet. 

While the cookies were baking, I went to the restroom. I was walking back into the kitchen, and noticed my dog Snoop crunching on something in the living room. I stopped at his side and asked, “What you got there buddy?” expecting him to drop a crunchy cricket. Whatever he had sounded pretty rocky. Then, a few black chunks fell out of his swiftly chewing mouth.  As I picked up the black bits, I gasped, “Oh no!” 

“What?” My husband asked from the couch. 

“Snoop is eating cookie dough!”

Ryan lept off the couch, lunging toward Snoop and shouted, “We have to take him to the hospital!  Chocolate is poison to dogs!” 

We wrestled away the remaining cookie dough and looked at our beagle mix concernedly. We then started fiercely googling chocolate’s effect on dogs his size.  Lots of stories on the internet regarding dogs snacking on chocolate. One shitzu ate two pounds of dark chocolate and ended up being severely ill. (I would be too if I scarfed down two pounds of chocolate, and I’m not allergic!)

Turns out, our pup would be just fine. Snoop would have had to consume copious amounts of chocolate in order for the cocoa to poison him. Not only that, but it would have to be bakers chocolate or dark chocolate.  Through our concern for Snoop’s well-being, we learned more about chocolate and also forgot to punish him for snagging something off of the counter!

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